tirsdag 28. juli 2009

DIY shoulder pads

When it comes to fashion, it’s inevitable—the ’80s always make a comeback. And right on cue, designers (think Balmain, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix showed some serious shoulder lift for spring. But since now is not the time to invest in trend pieces, create your own sharp shoulders at home.

1. By a pair of shoulder pads , the ones with round edges on both sides work best.
2. Fold each one over and hand-sew it together adding more height.
3. Take a plain top of your choice, preferably, one without shoulder seams like an American Apparel long-sleeve (pictured, $28) and in front of a mirror, slide the folded shoulder pads under the top, round side out and pin them right at your shoulder’s edge (the new look is more sci-fi and less Dynasty).
4. Hand-sew only the edge closest to the neckline that way, if you decide you want more lift, you can fold the other side of the pad one more time, creating a higher hump.

...And when that fashion fades, dump the pads.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Michael Jackson looken kommer hardt denne høsten skjønner jeg :)

  2. hehe, jepp! Er du klar?? :D


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