lørdag 16. juli 2011

My sacred room.



I thought I would give u a little tour in my sacred room, the walk in closet. After some nights of hard work in there it was possible to take som nice photos. In periods it looks more like a battlefield. Me vs.fashion ;)


Note toself, I do not need a new clutch!

I have all my basics in drawers, and the fancy clothes such as dresses, blouses, tops, shirts, long skirts etc get to hang. I need to see my stuff, everything that’s get put away will not be used, unless I use some time looking for stuff.




Collages and pictures are my everyday inspiration. A good organized wardrobe is a must, but if u ask my boyfriend he will tell u that it does not look like this everyday…hehe;) (and yes, he has a small corner in there)



shoes <3

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