mandag 11. juli 2011

Norwegian outlet.



Ready for Norwegian outlet in Vestby and to take a closer look at H&M’s new flagshipstore in Bogstadveien.


Details…shorts, belt and DIY jacket H&M, shirt Lene V, top Monki, necklace Topshop and bracelet Behrska.


Yes, it is true – I love shopping! I didn’t actually find so much at the outlet, although there where many nice stores. Found some gifts and for me, a necklace from Arts&Crafts and a dress from Diesel. The bag is also Oslo shopping, from Gina Tricot. Love at first sight!


Yeeei, it’s great to have vacation! ;)

Or at least I had…now it’s back to work for 2 weeks, before I have 2 more weeks off!

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